Sunday Outing – Russian Hill


Sunday April 6, 2014, was a warm and sunny day. Perfect for trying out my newly acquired rolling camera case. Since I wasn’t quite up to heading across town like I had for the recent Golden Gate Park outing, I decided to stayed in the neighborhood and head over to Russian Hill. The place I had in mind was the green space surrounding the Alice Marble Tennis Courts near Lombard and Hyde. Last year I had taken in a bit of the Blue Angels performance here and had considered returning with my camera but never got around to it.


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Some other photos posted here were taken during a separate trip to Russian Hill in 2009. Those were shot around the Art Institute on Chestnut Street west toward Russian Hill and North toward Mount Tamalpais and Sausalito.




Also featured here is the white, antenna capped Art Deco high-rise at Green and Leavenworth, one of my favorite neighborhood buildings.


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This outing also included several hundred shots of the utility poles along Larkin street as subject matter and raw material for a future, as yet un-named project.




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