Pier 24





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Finally had a chance to see this exhibit on my birthday. Turned out to be quite the gift. My thanks to the gallery for putting it together.

There were a handful of delineations to the exhibit but two impressed me the most. The one entitled Scale and Space and the other entitled Home. The following are my favorites from each category.




Andreas Gursky – F1 Pit Stop III, 2007 and 99 Cent, 1999


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Cinthya Soto – Tramo el Saborcito, 2005



Fascinatingly absorbing large scale images, crammed with clarity and detail each ramping my curiosity stratospherically. How are these wonderful creations made?


Todd Hido – #10845-7, 2012; #6426, 2007; #7557, 2008


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Nostalgic, mannered, spiritual and totally enticing.


Eric William Carroll, Blue Line of Woods, 2010


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Darkly evocative and nocturnal. And sadly, completely beyond the ability of my dinky phone camera to capture. Catalog photo to the rescue.


Thomas Demand, Grotto, 2006


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Another large scale triumph. This one showing every era of time as a layer in the grottos formation. And an unintentional selfie captured while snatching detail of the layers.


John Chiara – Inca at Avalon, 2012 and Sunnydale at Russia, 2013


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Impressive presentations of irregularly cut “neighborhood” images with a distinctively subtle palette, physically raised above the matte with occasional foreign material added to the surface. Mature and inspiring!




Asako Narahashi – Kawaguchiko #6, 4, 2


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My favorite of the entire show. The perilous water and camera angle. The volcanic peak rising/sinking beyond. The lens distortions of light on water. The series of three variations. The verticality of the arrangement. Marvelous!


Erik Kessels – 24 HRS in Photos


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A gallery with a mountain of photos filling the corners up to the ceiling. Heaps and heaps of implications on display. What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this discovery by playfully documenting the event with my iPhone camera. Very fun. Thanks Erik!


Uta Barth, Untitled, 2000


These two photos caught my eye from across the gallery and drew me. I was delighted as I moved closer and the “object-ness” resolved itself into light reflected on the wall from a sofa. The warm hues, compositional proportions, balance/imbalance and softened geometric lines were irresistible.


Doug Aitken, House, 2010, Video


In one dimly lit gallery space a video was looping. The video portrayed an elderly couple sitting across from each other at a table, their gazes locked onto each other while the house surrounding them was demolished. Again, thanks to the catalog for providing an image.

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