Mount Davidson



Northwest toward Mount Davidson

Northwest toward Mount Davidson


A few weeks back, while walking from West Portal station to Laguna Honda Hospital, gazing South and across at the seeming verticality of Dalewood Way as it skirts the Western edge of the Mount Davidson green space, the realization hit me, “I have never been up there!”

Considering I’ve taken pride in being someone personally familiar with the “geographic details” of San Francisco, it’s startlingly to confess that in the  twenty years I’ve lived here, I’ve not gotten to the top of Mount Davidson.

What’s kept me away?

Early in my residence I heard rumors it was a teen gang, late night drinking party hangout, which  conjured images of broken furniture, litter and graffitti. And who wants to see nature tainted by stuff like that?  But as I pondered my thoughts, what I found more likely, and is a still  larger confession, I’m both intimidated and alienated by the massive cross.

So with that disturbing realization presenting an opportunity to challenge some stale ideas, I made an a early morning car trip to scout trailheads and set out the next day to see Mount Davidson for myself.

There was no graffitti, litter, discarded furniture, or anything overtly religious (besides, of course, the cross), just wind, light, growing things and marvelous views.

The Ascent:


Graphic Image

From Mount Davidson Overlook Northeast toward Twin Peaks


The Overlook offered an  impressive panorama stretching from the end of Point Reyes to the Northwest, the Golden Gate channel and Mount Tamalpais to the North, Eastward across Twin Peaks, Downtown, Diamond Heights, Yerba Buena Island, the Bay Bridge and Oakland, Bernal Heights, across Crocker Amazon South to beyond the San Mateo Bridge, perhaps even as far South as Palo Alto, Westward across the Outer Mission with San Bruno Mountain rising directly to the South.

From the Overlook:



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