Composition 271 (yellow)




I’ve been preparing this particular blog for well over a month now. At one point I was taking at least three different approaches toward what I was going to say about Composition 271.

As my weekly publishing deadline approached, I found myself facing a solid written page composed of free-associative filler,  a few paragraphs of semi-coherent babbling and a sentence or two of pretentious drivel, wondering how I was going to shape it into something readable, and if fortunate, even something informative and insightful. So, here goes!

I had mentioned in the blog for Composition 270, that I wanted to choose my photos more carefully for this work. I looked for  images which when combined would create a horizontal visual plane in space and avoid the more segmented approach typically employed in most walking wave compositions. Rather than have the eye dash about, I wanted to encourage the viewer to linger, open up and absorb points of interest. That meant, in selecting the photos, I looked for  objects that would unify and for human subjects that would establish “characters” or “types” and then arrange them all in a less kinetic fashion.

I incorporated a number of motifs from the last handful of pieces: a central focal point as in Composition 268, Orange Shirt, a wide visual background, as in Composition 269  and the end caps. I also used some established graphic elements in an unfamiliar way. In this instance I substituted the vertical column of horizontal color bars from last two compositions, to a single horizontal repeating band of yellow bars across the top, to both abstract and emphasize the background figures along the horizon line. For this composition the pedestrians crossing in the distance would become the thematic progression of figures while the foreground figures, with the lined surface beyond, would become the focus.

Overall, I found Composition 271 to be a satisfying final piece for what I am now calling The Ferry Plaza Sequence.


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