Composition 272




When taking photos  for this series, I seek out places with a high volume of pedestrian traffic and as little background clutter as possible. Finding locations with both is difficult.

I also shoot tight, since for the final composition, I visualize the figures as rectangles or blocks, rather than as spots, columns or articulations. Using my lenses  to move visually closer  allows me to see instantly if I’m getting shots that will work best toward those ends.

While on vacation this year, I found a location that worked so well for my purposes that not only did a get the usual close shots, but was also able to pull back and capture subjects from head to toe without the background complicating things.

For Composition 272, not only was I composing my typical horizontal progression of figures from left to right but also deciding placement between foreground and background. It reminded me a bit of blocking theatrical movements. Or creating choreography.

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