Composition 272, 273 & 274


I typically develop my ideas forward, one composition leading into the next.  However, for Composition 272 through 274 something different took place.



Composition 273


The work was at a point where Composition 272 was almost fully developed and decisions surrounding photo selection and color palette completed for Composition  273.

Then unexpectedly, I was confronted with a set of life circumstances that left me severely disappointed and angry.

In reaction I made Composition 274. The inspiration was immediate. The intention rapid, raw and blunt.



Composition 274


When 274 was done, I still had a measure of turmoil to get out of my system and and rather than move on and express my feelings with a new piece, I moved backward and Composition 273 owes much of it’s appearance to that decision.



Composition 272


Upon reviewing Composition 272, it struck me as a bit “flat” in comparison to what followed so, respecting what I had already done, it received another layer of tuning. Where in 273 and 274 my feelings were expressed through high contrast, harsh color, and confusing overlapped imagery, the approach I took on Composition 272 was more one of increasing contrast, tonal modulation and adding a vibrational pinstripe motif.


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