Transitionals (part 1)


Composition 190

Composition 190

Near the end of 2009 it was becoming increasingly clear that I had lost my enthusiasm for the Dune Grass series. I remembered the advice of my college art professor years ago when faced with a similar situation. He suggested I stop and just doing something different. Two immediate remedies came from this strategy. One was to buy some time with the dune grass works by “spinning” them in an unfamiliar direction and the other was to begin the process of “fishing” about for completely new ideas and approaches. Outside of my continued work with the camera, this became the focus of my creativity from early 2010 through early 2013, when the Walking Wave appeared. The walking wave seemed an epiphany at the time, but looking back now, it was more the result of one excellently timed accident coupled with the all the previous years’ experiments. The roots of the new work had been there all along, like a template of my psyche. To quote my professor’s advice in full, he said, “Seek the differences, the similaries will take care of themselves.”

One of the exercises of this period was to sketch a lot, choose some favorites and then develop them more formally. Composition 190 is by far my favorite from those exercises. I really, really liked the orginal sketch. And as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I tend to hold a certain sanctity toward my drawings. In this instance, I was very pleased that the developed work became just as endearing to me as it’s source material.


The following slideshow features some incremental steps from creating Composition 190.


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