Transitionals (part 3)



Of the dozens of works created during this roughly two-year period, a handful of them quickly came to mind as I planned this series of blogs. Typically they were works that broke new ground or were technically challenging. When reviewing the one’s that did not readily come to mind, the more conventional works,  only the working titles of my computer directories indicated what they might be. For Composition 192 I had used the word “hybrid” as a discription.  When I viewed the work in this directory I didn’t see anything I immediately associated with the word hybrid, instead I found something that had a direct bearing on where this period of work would take me. This relatively simple composition fully embodied the dance-like movement from left to right that was to become the underlying essence of the walking wave series.  Likely it was made quickly with little deliberation.

Perhaps that’s why now, it seems so sincere.

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