Composition 280




Upon completion of Composition 279, I was eager to do something other than a mosaic. Preferably, something quick and easy. So, I reviewed all the Walking Wave work to see if there was a particular  motif or approach that encouraged me. The work that caught my eye was some of the earliest in the series, pieces assembled of long vertical selections from multiple images. They have an immediacy that I continue to admire.

With that idea in mind, I returned to my recently captured video footage from the Ferry Plaza and located several sequences of movement and color suitable for extraction. When working with these images before I found the backgrounds distracting.  But in this instance, recalling another work from early in the series,  instead of involving how to play down the backgrounds, I decided to leave them was they were and use them to stylistic advantage.

In fact, the background become the strongest unifying element in Composition 280. By careful placement of the vertical selections, the image rendered in such a way that the figures became slivers, slices, blocks of color and texture scattered laterally across a visually definable and objective plane in space.

I had done something technically similar early in the series with Composition 212, but in that instance, the result was not figurative, was more about pattern and suggested very little three dimensionality.

It’s interesting how different intentions can alter similar actions!

Composition 212

Composition 212


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