Composition 281




My creative spirit runs between two polarities. One is an intuitive, impulsive, opportunist and the other a trained, problem solving craftsman. During any particular creative session, from minute to minute, I can be operating at any point between the two.

Sometimes the result is a fitting balance between insight and skill.

In October I captured a batch of video footage for the Walking Wave series. This was my first time to capture material where vehicles passed both in front and behind the pedestrian subject matter. Some of this material made it’s way (composition 277) into the mosaics.

Later while selecting content for another work and viewing multiple images in my photo management application, I noticed something interesting and rather exciting. Something I had not noticed before because I was so fixated on people. The cars and trucks that passed in the foreground were motion blurred and enlongated by the camera. This sleek abstraction was intriguing. Combined with the perceptually static quality of the slower moving people, even more so.

Even though it didn’t fit my criteria for the series and I really didn’t know where the idea was going to go, I had to give it a try.

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