South (part 2)






In addition to seeing Warhol’s Shadows at MOCA, Turrell 4my visit to Los Angeles also included a stop at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. My friend Gary and I viewed photography by Larry Sultan; some Marden Hartley paintings and a fascinating installation featuring subtle, otherworldly color modulationsTurrell 2 entitled Breathing Light by James Turrell.

Then lastly, out on the grounds, experienced Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass.






After visiting Los Angeles I was due for some serious decompression time in Ventura. Having scouted Ventura early in October (my Ventura Harbor blog), I found it a manageable combination of yoga, beach, movies, food and shopping, all within easy walking distance and without the urban challenges of Los Angeles or San Francisco.



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Going into this vacation, I had not really planned on doing much camera work in Los Angeles and Ventura. Instead, Santa Barbara proper with all it’s Spanish Mission flavor, and the rugged, coastal Guadalupe Dunes on the northern edge of Santa Barbara county, had been slated for that.

Arrival in Santa Barbara was accompanied by news of impending weather.  After months of drought, fate had chosen to deliver several days of near continuous rain to most of California. So, instead of using every available hour of those short winter days exploring Santa Barbara and snapping photos, I rarely traveled more than a few blocks from my hotel. And though I did manage a handful of gallery quality shots during my visit, the slide show below is a more accurate representation of my stay, a damp but throughly enjoyable time.


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