South (part 3)




Leaving Santa Barbara, the weather had begun to clear, but overcast skys, scattered showers and foggy mist were still part of the forecast as I headed north toward San Luis Obispo.




Of all the places I planned to visit during this getaway, the Guadalupe Dunes County Park at the northern edge of Santa Barbara County was my most anticipated. After my successful camera work with the Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley last year, I was very eager to work with sand and sky again. The ocean would add an exciting new element.




On the morning I was to visit the park, I was up early hoping to get the jump on delicate, early morning light, but again it was raining torrentially. By lunchtime the rain had stopped but still no decent sunlight to speak of in San Luis Obisop. After a nap I decided I would explore the park regardless of the weather. Out came the rain gear and off I went.

I caught Highway 1 in Pismo Beach and while heading South, noticed brightness on the horizon. Drawing nearer it seemed that the coast south of Guadalupe had sunshine. A few miles later it was confirmed.

The park was with light.

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