Composition 288




With the introduction of the Car Pass sequence, I added two new descriptors to my personal artistic glossary:

Rows and Runs.

A Row is what I use to describe a series of vertical images arranged horizontally with white space between each one.

A Run is an assembly of overlapping images arranged horizontally using a variety of vertical delineations for emphasis.

The Walking Wave Series has contained many Runs. Rows are a more recent development.




The image above was how Composition 289 was originally assembled. When it reached this point, I began to have difficulty reconciling how my eye moved within it. I kept interpreting it more as two compositions stuck together than as a cohesive unit. I worked for a while to integrate it but not to my satisfaction. So I made the decision to separate it into two pieces.  The smaller of the two became Composition 288 and the larger 289.

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