Minor White (part 2)



Composition 303


As I mentioned in Minor White Part 1, seeing “Taylor Street and Huntington Hotel, SF” felt significant, like reclaiming a long lost member of the family. The bond grew when I discovered that the photo was taken only a few blocks from my apartment in San Francisco. With every little bit of information I gathered about the life and work of Minor White, the more kindred he felt and the more important it became to add the spirit of his work to my own.

My first project in that regard was to create a revision of his “Taylor and Huntington Hotel,” entitled rather generically: “Composition 303.”

The composition was assembled by collecting video footage on the site of Minor’s original photo, selecting compositional and figurative ideas from “Taylor and Huntington Hotel” and “Windowsill Daydreaming” (both below) and combining them using software techniques employed for the Walking Wave series.



Taylor Street and Huntington Hotel, SF – 1948 & Windowsill Daydreaming, Rochester – 1958



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