Minor White (part 3)

Composition 303 was a great creative exercise.

While I was on site and absorbed with shooting video for the project, I paused for a moment to look out over the city. I was immediately struck by the strong juxtaposition of the Hilton tower with Taylor Street. Inspired, I pulled out my digital SLR and snapped several dozen shots and then, fixated on my ambitious plans for Composition 303,  promptly forgot taking them.

Halfway through putting together composition 303, and having viewed more of Minor White’s collected work, the forgotten photos came to mind. Along with an idea. How would they look as black and white images?

After a few trials with conversion software, I had my answer.



Taylor and California South, SF 2015


Working with black and white is not something I’ve done since the seventies. It felt very satisfying.

Another feeling was more esoteric. It was one of completion, of having come on some level, full circle.

My many thanks to Minor White for making all of that possible.



Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley 2013


Kindelberger Barn, Monroe County, Ohio 2007

Kindelberger Barn, Monroe County, Ohio 2007


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