Color (Vol. 1)


7TH & PENN 2

7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, 2014

© 2015 Gene Kuhn, All Rights Reserved.

This is first of a series of blogs focusing on select color images from my catalogue.

I will likely not be commenting on them, continuing the same practice established for the black and white series. However, in this instance, where conscious intention was so little a part of the final image, I felt some intentional rhetoric on my part was in order.

It was Summer 2014 in Washington, DC and I had set up both still image and video equipment around the Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site near the Archive Metro Station. This location provided a varied wealth of pedestrian traffic, architecture, non-right-angled street perspectives and hours of creative immersion.

The photo above was captured during an impulsive multiple-exposure pan and I was unaware of it until weeks later. It was not a shot I took with intention. Not something I fixated on from multiple angles. When I saw it, I liked the overall orange pink glow, the juxtaposition of people and machinery: A unique shot, both noted and quickly forgotten in my preoccupation with finding Walking Wave material.

A year later, seeking images for this blog feature, it presented itself again.

I am not a big fan of cropping a stand-alone photo. I guess I’m old school enough that if the image doesn’t compose properly as it is, I’d prefer to discard it rather than crop, seeking those images that “work” right from the camera as a hallmark of my craft. And the original image worked in that capacity, so I processed it for web at full frame and uploaded it to Word Press. The Word Press media library presents images as square thumbnails, so when I proceeded to insert it into the blog, what I saw in the media library was the image with a square crop, centered, and I really liked it.

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