Composition 315





© 2015 Gene Kuhn, All Rights Reserved.


It’s not often when creating something, to think in terms of message or making a point.

In late April, early May, I put together a handful of works where my conscious intention was to simplify. After the kinetic nature of what had come before, the new pieces had a hollowness. That combined with their urban setting, brought to mind isolation, or further yet, alienation.

I made a few along these lines. My favorite is Composition 315.

It features a young couple from from out of town. From their apparel, likely visiting for an afternoon Giant’s game. Having sensibly arrived early, they have been filling time shopping near Union Square and are now making their way toward the ballpark. She seems a little overwhelmed, he’s checking out the tall buildings.

A truck passes to the right, they are revealed! A bus passes to the left, they are concealed.


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