Composition 323




© 2015 Gene Kuhn, All Rights Reserved.

I was living in Ohio the summer of 1994 when I landed a three week apartment sitting gig in San Francisco. It was my second visit to the City by the Bay and about fourteen days into my stay, I decided to move there.  One midday I was in the Financial District and having  just picked up a “Vegetarian” from the “Specialties” at Battery and Market, discovered a great place to sit and eat at One Bush. It was a semicircular slab of concrete adjacent to the building and set back about ten feet from the Market Street sidewalk. A tiled, windowless, twenty-story wall rose from it, providing ample support for my back. It was a great place to people watch.

Since moving to San Francisco it has become one of my most frequented brown bag lunch spots.

It was here, passively taking in the rhythm of people walking by, that the first inspiration for the Walking Wave Series appeared.

Incorporating images captured on that same spot, Composition 323 offers a rousing tribute.




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